The Good Folk at Esselon

Shop Owner
Hadley farmer and French Press enthusiast, Mark’s palate guides our entire coffee endeavor. Raised in the coffee tradition including campfire java and dad’s morning brew, Mark is a resolute champion of our Gothot roaster and a devout fan of Ethiopian coffee in most any form.
Lead Roaster
Trail runner, student of Judo, deeply philosophical, insanely dedicated to the craft of roasting and also, most importantly, a fantastic father to two very smart little children, neither of which know very much about coffee.
Roaster Emeritus
Our in-house McGyver, Richard once saved a week’s roasting using an old vacuum cleaner. Woodworker, wine drinker and literal Jack of All Trades, Richard prefers a Sumatra French Press, cause it’s as down to earth as he is.
Wholesale Manager
Former gas station coffee drinker, now craft roasted aficionado, Ben is also a Camp Master dedicated to the craft of canoeing, fishing and setting things on fire. Focused on water ratios and grind settings, he's also ambidextrous with a French Press.