Chemex Brew Guide

The Classic Pour-Over

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The Chemex is perhaps the most elegant pour-over home brewing system. Striking with a wood collar, the Chemex is an all-in-one system that functions as a pour-over (using a paper filter) but also offers a beautiful server that the coffee feeds directly into. It’s also large enough to produce coffee for up to 4 people, which means that unlike a lot of other single-serving methods you’ll only have to do it once, unless everyone wants a second cup, which somehow always seems to happen.


Coffee: 42g     Water: 700g    Grind: Med. Coarse    Total Brew Time: 4:00

Requirements: Chemex, filter, kettle, coffee, grinder, scale, timer

Brew Key: As with all paper filters, if your coffee doesn’t drain fast enough, switch to a coarser setting

Note: We prefer a 17:1 coffee to water ratio with a 28 grind setting on an Encore grinder


Heat 700 grams of filtered water to 195-205 degrees
Insert filter with triple-folded filter side toward the spout
Saturate filter with hot water and drain
Add 42 grams of freshly ground coffee
Pour 100 grams of hot water, let bloom for 30 seconds
Pour remaining 600 grams in gentle circular motion
Be careful not to overfill
Remove filter at 4:00

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