Freud Stovetop Espresso

For those who like coffee dense enough you can walk on

The Freud Stovetop Espresso brewer is a modern version of the old Bialetti Moka Pot. Built from 18/8 stainless steel with wood farmed in the UK, this British design masterpiece produces a dense, intensely flavorful espresso. Just as nice, the wood handle is cool to the touch, unlike traditional plastic handles, making it easy to pour and lovely to look at.


Coffee: 17g      Water: 250g     Grind: Espresso    Brew Time: Variable

Requirements: Freud, stove, coffee, grinder, scale, timer

Brew Key: Turn off heat once espresso has risen to the top chamber

Note: We prefer a 15:1 coffee to water ratio with a 5 grind setting on an Encore grinder


Fill water to just below release valve in Freud base – do not overfill!
Add 17 grams of freshly ground coffee
Set Freud on stove, turn to high
Listen for espresso rising inside the moka pot
Remove once water is gone and all espresso is in the top chamber
Set on a heat resistant pad or other heat-safe surface after pouring espresso
 Clean thoroughly

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