Hario V60 Brew Guide

Clean, crisp, bright and beautiful

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The Pour-Over method, whose modern version was invented in 1908, produces a light, bright and flavorful cup of coffee. A favorite of coffee geeks all over the planet, the filtration and ratio control the Pour-Over method is known for, helps showcase the fruits, chocolates, aromatics and acids inherent in the most expensive beans on the market. It’s also a quick and convenient process for folks wanting a superior cup before their morning commute.


Coffee: 24g         Water: 375g        Grind: Medium-Fine      Total Brew Time: 2:30

Requirements: Hario V60, filter, Gooseneck kettle, coffee, water, grinder, scale, timer

Brew Key: Too coarse a grind and the water drains too fast. Too fine and it won’t drain at all

Encore Grind Setting: 18


Heat kettle of filtered water to 195-205 degrees
Set filter into brew basket, pre-wet and drain
Set brew basket onto cup or server
Add 24g freshly ground coffee
Pour 60g hot water, let bloom for 30 seconds
Pour remaining 315g hot water in circular motion
Finish pouring by 1:45
Do not overfill basket
Remove filter at 2:30