Kalita Wave Brew Guide

Flat bottom, even extraction

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The Kalita Wave is a modern variation on the classic Pour-Over method. Using a flat-bottom for a more even extra extraction, the Kalita Wave produces a complex, expressive cup of coffee that emphasizes the coffee’s fruits, acids and aromatics. Consider pairing it up with a Kenyan, Ethiopian or high-elevation Guatemalan set of beans. You’ll be rewarded with some of the best tasting coffee imaginable.  


Coffee: 22g         Water: 300g        Grind: Medium-Fine      Total Brew Time: 3:30-45

Requirements: Kalita Wave, Kalita filter, Gooseneck kettle, coffee, water, grinder, scale, timer

Brew Key: Too coarse a grind and the water drains too fast. Too fine and it won’t drain at all

Encore Grind Setting: 16


  • Heat kettle of filtered water to 195-205 degrees
  • Set filter into brew basket, pre-wet and drain
  • Set Kalita Wave onto cup or server
  • Add 22g freshly ground coffee
  • Pour 60g hot water, let bloom for 30 seconds
  • Pour remaining 240g hot water in circular motion
  • Finish pouring by 3:00
  • Do not overfill basket
  • Remove filter at 3:30-45

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