Yama Cold Brew Tower

Densely extracted, high in caffeine, awesome on a hot summer afternoon

32oz Yama Cold Brew Tower. Cold brewed coffee is radically different than iced coffee. Iced coffee is usually brewed hot then cooled in a fridge or over ice. Cold brew coffee is a slow drip method using ice water to extract body, flavors and aromatics from freshly ground coffee beans. Cold brew coffee has twice the caffeine content (due to the extended extraction), low acidity, an entirely different flavor profile and needs to be diluted with water before serving as it’s intensely strong.


Coffee to Water ratio for 32 oz tower: 11.8g coffee per 100g water

Coffee: 112g   Water : 1000g   Grind: Med. Coarse   Total Brew Time: 8 hours

Drip Speed: 40 drips per minute (4 drips every 6 seconds)

Brew Key: Let the concentrate age for a few days before pouring.

Requirements: Yama Tower, filter, coffee, filtered water, filtered ice

Note: Like any quality coffee, taste is influenced by bean, grind and roast. You’ll need to experiment a number of times before you find the perfect cold brew method that fits your palate.

Encore Grind Setting: 30


Make sure Yama tower is level
Grind 112g of freshly roasted coffee
Fill top beaker with 1000g of filtered ice and filtered water
Set ceramic filter into middle beaker
Add ground coffee to middle beaker
Wet paper filter then place on top of ground coffee (do not indent)
Open water valve to 4 drops every 6 seconds (40 drips a minute)
Remove middle beaker once brew stops dripping into bottom beaker (about 8 hours)
Cut with water to taste, usually 1.5:1 water to coffee ratio
Pour over ice and drink

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