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Teamwork is just the beginning


Experienced partnership is key to any successful business. Esselon is a full-service coffee roaster, cafe and coffee supply wholesaler. If you’re looking to start a new coffeeshop, upgrade your restaurant, hotel or university coffee program, Esselon would like to be your partner.


Sourcing Fair Trade, ethically responsible coffee, we craft small batch lots on an amazing 1969 Gothot drum roaster. We’re keen on producing world-class coffee, offering a diverse range including whole bean, frak packs and a delicious espresso. We roast throughout the week so your customers will have the freshest, most dynamic coffee possible.


Comprehensive is key. We offer a full range of brewing equipment from high-volume shop brewers, grinders and barista supplies, to single cup pour-over or French Press brewers. We also distribute LaMarzocco and Rancilio espresso machines, in case you’re thinking about taking your espresso program to the next level.

Behind the Bar

As a successful coffeeshop and cafe, we proudly supply Pacific Barista Series non-dairy milks, Hollander chocolate and 1883 syrups for crafting the finest specialty drinks. In fact, we’d be happy to outfit your entire shop from the espresso equipment down to the filters you’ll need to brew your coffee, which of course we’d also be happy to supply.


Coffee equipment can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Esselon provides training on all our equipment to help you maximize your shop’s potential. And because we really do want you to succeed, we also offer barista training to help bring your staff up to speed in today’s highly competitive, artisan coffee industry.

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